It’s Elementary my dear Watson, not for me and Razz

I am continuing to score around 60% in tests. Which is frustrating because I know Razz is better than 60% and I think I am letting him down.

I don’t make it easy for myself by doing which are complicated tests. However, I do feel that when he leaves the warm up arena he backs off and comes behind the bit so I no longer have Razz going forward into my hand.  I should be able to ride him through this and get him back between leg and hand again before the bell goes .. but I don’t I just trot round thinking this is going to be awful which then becomes a self fulfilling prophesy!!!

I need to figure out how to get him quickly back between leg and hand before the bell goes.

In British Dressage the lower levels are Prelim (first level), Novice, Elementary.
These two dressage tests are the most complicated Elementary tests.