Regionals disappointment

Since I have recently been competing at level I think I was expecting Novice 37 at the Regionals to be simple and straight forward. However, my self confidence is also low because we have only been scoring around 60% recently in Elementary 58 and 59. I therefore had a strange mixture of over confidence but at the same time a lack of confidence. Although I have been to the before for some reason this time I was very intimidated by the situation. The net effect of this was that I just sat on Razz and let him plod around. After the test I could tell that I hadn’t worked very hard because I had not sweated at all ! We got a very disappointing score of 62.5% and came 3rd from last. This is my worst score at the Regionals.

At Elementary I am going to focus on the . I think my experience at Prelim shows that the Area championship is my level of competition.

In British Dressage the lower levels are Prelim (first level), Novice, Elementary. Since I am currently competing at Elementary level dropping down to Novice level should mean that the Novice test is easy.
The Regionals are competitions that you have to qualify for by meeting the qualification criteria in local dressage competitions. The qualification criteria changes but at this time the criteria was based on a number of wins with a score above a defined threshold.
The Area Championship is for grass roots riders (to use British Dressage terminology). There are a lot of professional riders at the Regionals so even if I ride well I am not going to be in the rosettes. I think that the Area Championship is more my level of competition.