In Front of the Leg

I was writing for some advanced dressage tests at Abbey Dressage at the weekend. There were both restricted and open riders in the class. Watching the tests and looking at the open and the restricted riders one of the differences was that the open riders had their horses . I am not saying that all restricted horses are but this was my personal observation of a general difference between the open and restricted riders.

The key point that I took from this is that it is very important for me to get Razz in front of my leg if I want to improve Razz’s scores at level and progress to more advanced tests. This was also the first thing that Hayley picked up in my first training sessions with her.

Razz is not naturally forward going – it takes time to get him “switched on” at the start of every training session. Hopefully, if I persevere the “switch-on” time will get shorter and shorter. I hope !

In front of the leg means that the horse responds to a light leg aid and moves freely forwards or sideways
Behind the leg means that the horse does not respond to a light or even a strong leg aid when asked to move forwards or sideways
Elementary is the third level in British Dressage. The first is Preliminary (aka Prelim) and the second is Novice