Horses 2 : Humans 0 – Simon and Charlotte injured leading horses

Simon Pain was leading a horse when the horse reared. The horses flailing hooves (with shoes 🙁 ) caught him on the back of the head which knocked him to the ground. Simon was taken to hospital where the cut on his head was glued together. The injury just below his eye was caused when he was knocked to the ground and his face hit the ground.

The video was taken 4 days after the injury and it is healing well. It looked a lot worse on the day it happened.

I have heard that super glue was developed by the Americans to glue injuries in the battlefield during the Vietnam war. Surgeons could later cut the wound open again in the operating theatre to treat the injury correctly. Emergency Hospitals now use super glue to treat injuries such as Simon’s head injury. This urban myth actually turns out to be fairly accurate according to Super glue was developed earlier but did not have any applications until somebody suggested that it was used in the Vietnam war.

In an unfortunate coincidence Charlotte was trod on by another horse on the same day. Charlotte went to hospital with Simon and returned on crutches. Not a good morning at Billow Farm – 2 injured 🙁