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Nov 092012

I decided to clip my own horse this year. Its a skill I have always wanted to learn and this year was the ideal opportunity.

I can get my horse clipped at a fraction of the cost of new clippers so I decided to buy secondhand clippers on eBay. In the end my decision came down to either

  • New clippers manufactured in China for £55 including postage
    • New brand name clippers are typically priced from £150 so the clippers manufactured in China are very cheap and I was concerned about the quality and durability of them
  • Secondhand what were described as “Liveryman Smart Horse Clippers” for £45 including postage
    • The Liveryman clippers seemed quite a reasonable price so I decided to buy them. The main reason for buying them was the brand name which I believed would mean that the clippers were better quality than the cheap Chinese clippers. The description on eBay was “liveryman smart horse clippers” and in the product description the seller said “very little use, fantastic clippers“.

I sat back and waited for the postman to deliver my new clippers. Unfortunately, when they were delivered the parcel was extremely small and lighter than I was expecting. When I opened the package I realised I had bought trimmers … not clippers. The photo below shows that the clippers are actually quite small.

Andis PM-1 Trimmers and Box with Riding Hat for scale

Andis PM-1 Trimmers and Box with Riding Hat for scale

The trimmers came in a box with “Liveryman Smart” in big red letters. However, the trimmers had the brand name “Andis” on them and the model number PM-1. It was the original box so obviously Liveryman re-brand the Andis clippers. I have just Googled “Andis PM-1” and found that these are sold as pet clippers and can be purchased new at half the price I paid on eBay for secondhand clippers. I have made some excellent purchases on eBay but these clippers / trimmers are my first bad purchase. I will buy from eBay again but I need to be more careful and check the details of my purchase before buying.

Since I have bought the trimmers I have decided to try and use them. I have now clipped my 17.1hh horse with a hunter clip. I have to be honest it has taken longer than with proper clippers and maybe I should have done a blanket clip to save time! I have clipped in short periods to prevent the clippers from over heating. I have clipped for 15 to 30 mins before riding and it has taken about 10 days. I would estimate that the total clipping time is about twice as long as clipping with clippers.

To a certain extent I am happy because I have purchased excellent trimmers. They are such good trimmers that they have successfully clipped a 17.1hh horse! They have not over heated and the blade is still cutting the hair. They are obviously strong and durable so I would recommend the Andis PM-1 as trimmers … but not as clippers!. I could sell them on eBay but I think I will keep them because it is always useful to have good trimmers. They can be used to tidy up his whiskers and feathers and to tidy up the edges of a clip done with clippers.

My recommendation is that if you are buying clippers on eBay ignore the description and look carefully at the picture and make sure that they are substantial in terms of size and weight. Anything that looks small and light are trimmers! Ideally you are looking for clippers with:

  • minimum power of around 80W and preferably be above 150W
  • weight around 1kg
    • Lighter clippers may be easier to handle but unfortunately a high quality motor will be fairly heavy
    • Even if the weight is not quoted the high postage charge will confirm that the clippers are heavy

Author: Chris Atkin

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