Dec 182012

UK Sport today announced that equestrianism would be awarded

  • almost £18m for Olympic Equestrian Sport
  • almost £4m for Paralympic Equestrian Sport

I was interested to see how this compares to the funding for the 2012 Olympics but apparently it is difficult to do a straight comparison. However, it does appear that it is an increase but it is difficult to say how big an increase.

I believe that UK Sport’s strategy is to build on the successes at the 2012 Olympics and invest more money in the sports that won medals. All the equestrian sports – Dressage, show jumping and eventing – all won medals including 3 gold medals so equestrianism earned the increased funding. Carl Hester, pictured riding Uthopia, was part of the gold medal winning dressage team.

The news is reporting that some sports, notably swimming, have received less or even no funding because the sports were not successful at the 2012 Olympics. I can understand their frustration because they are not being given the funding to improve the sports performance on the international stage. However, being totally selfish for a moment this strategy means that my sport gets more fudning so personally I am happy.

I assume that the next announcement will be how the funding will be split between BD, BSJA and BE.

In a related announcement today Sport England has today announced a £493m investment in grassroots sport over the next 4 years as part of the legacy of the Olympics. Equestrianism will receive £6m which is a 46% increase. This money will be used to increase participation in equestrian sports and develop talent pathways.

So overall a good day for equestrianism with increased funding for both grassroots and elite equestrians.


Author: Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin is a videographer specialising in high quality equine videos which are typically used to sell your horse, promote your stallion or equine business or as a memento of a big competition. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and adverts can also be produced for broadcast on specialist equine satellite TV channels.

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