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A survey in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour found that very few riders are aware that it is recommended that a rider weighs about 10% of the horses weight and that the rider should not exceed 15% of the horses weight. Well I must admit I know that a large rider should choose an appropriate horse to carry their weight but I had not heard of these recommendations. The journal’s survey covered 152 riders in Devon and Cornwall. 32% of riders weighed over 15% of their horses weight which means that their horse is more susceptible to injury.

Razz 3rd at Area Prelim Championships 2008

The following table will help you to quickly estimate the weight of your horse or pony and shows the ideal and the maximum recommended rider weights. I have included the rider weight in both kg and stones for those of us who are still think about our weight in good old stones and pounds. You can buy a weight tape for a more accurate estimate of the weight of your horse. I have never used one but I am told that they tend to only be accurate for thoroughbreds but they are the cheapest easiest way to get a more accurate estimate.

My horse is a 17.1hh warmblood (see picture on the right). I don’t own a weighing machine but I am pretty sure I am well under the limit of 14st 9lbs.

Rider’s Weight
HeightHorse’s AverageIdealMaximum
(hh)TypeWeight (kg)kgStones lbskgStones lbs
17.2 – 17.3Shire8408413 st 3lbs12619 st 12 lbs
TB X6406410 st 1 lb9615 st 2 lbs
Warmblood6506510 st 3 lb9815 st 6 lbs
17.0 – 17.1TB X580589 st 2 lbs8713 st 10 lbs
Warmblood620629 st 11 lbs9314 st 9 lbs
16.2 – 16.3TB540548 st 7 lbs8112 st 11 lbs
TB X580589 st 2 lbs8713 st 10 lbs
Warmblood / Cob600609 st 6 lbs9014 st 2 lbs
16.0 – 16.1Shire600609 st 6 lbs9014 st 2 lbs
TB525538 st 5 lbs7912 st 6 lbs
TB X550558 st 9 lbs8313 st 1 lbs
15.2 – 15.3Arab480487 st 8 lbs7211 st 5 lbs
TB500507 st 12 lbs7511 st 11 lbs
TB X510518 st 0 lb7712 st 2 lbs
15.0 – 15.1Arab460467 st 3 lbs6910 st 12 lbs
TB450457 st 1 lb6810 st 10 lbs
TB X500507 st 12 lbs7511 st 11 lbs
14.0 – 14.3Arab430436 st 11 lbs6510 st 3 lbs
TB370375 st 12 lbs568 st 11 lbs
TB X425436 st 11 lbs6410 st 1 lbs
Welsh X410416 st 6 lbs629 st 11 lbs
13.0 – 13.3Connemara380386 st 0 lb579 st 0 lbs
Dartmoor350355 st 7 lb538 st 5 lbs
New Forest360365 st 9 lb548 st 7 lbs
Welsh X350355 st 7 lb538 st 5 lbs

Author: Chris Atkin

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