Mar 012013

I saw Charlotte Dujardin say in an interview that following her gold medal at the Olympics she is now known as the girl with the dancing horse. Well, I think Three have found her ride for the next Olympics at Rio 🙂 I think this Shetland is capable of a gold medal winning Freestyle test. The only problem is that it seems to be a bit shy in front of an audience!

A very entertaining advert and well worth watching if you haven’t seen it on TV yet…

Three have also created a page where you can create you own dancing Shetland pony:

I particularly enjoyed my headbanging shetland pony dancing to The Final Countdown by Europe. Great Fun 🙂


Author: Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin is a videographer specialising in high quality equine videos which are typically used to sell your horse, promote your stallion or equine business or as a memento of a big competition. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and adverts can also be produced for broadcast on specialist equine satellite TV channels.

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