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Mar 012013

I saw Charlotte Dujardin say in an interview that following her gold medal at the Olympics she is now known as the girl with the dancing horse. Well, I think Three have found her ride for the next Olympics at Rio :) I think this Shetland is capable of a gold medal winning Freestyle test. The only problem is that it seems to be a bit shy in front of an audience!

A very entertaining advert and well worth watching if you haven’t seen it on TV yet…

Three have also created a page where you can create you own dancing Shetland pony:

I particularly enjoyed my headbanging shetland pony dancing to The Final Countdown by Europe. Great Fun :)


Author: Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin is a videographer specialising in equine videos and an ibd Group accredited Business Adviser for small & medium sized business. YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Talk to Chris to ensure your presence is optimised so that your potential customers can find you on YouTube. Business owners contact Chris for advice on subjects including video marketing, telecomms, funding for growth

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