Mar 042013

Kauto Star

photo credit: Carine06 via photopin cc

Kauto Star’s new dressage career is generating a lot of publicity to show that racehorses have potential for a second career after they retire from racing.

  • There are competitions that are specifically for ex-racehorse – Racehorse 2 Riding Horse competitions with a high profile championship at the Horse of the Year Show.
  • Ex-racehorses also compete successfully in affiliated and un-affiliated dressage, eventing and show jumping competitions.

Kauto Star has been getting lots of publicity about specialising in dressage and there has even been publicity that he could compete at the next Olympics. He is now being ridden and trained for dressage by eventing rider, Laura Collett. The video below shows a recent demonstration that Kauto Star and Laura Collett did at Newbury.

Yogi Breisner had already said that any dreams of Kauto Star competing in dressage at the Olympics were unrealistic. At Newbury Yogi has been quoted as saying ‘This is not about making a second career. It is about giving him a good life in retirement’.

In reality the publicity about Kauto Star and the Olympics has been fantastic for racehorse to riding horse initiatives but a top level dressage career was never being seriously considered.

  • Laura Collett is a very successful eventer and not a dressage rider. Although dressage is one of the disciplines in eventing it is a very different rider skill to be able to train and perform a dressage test on an eventer than on a pure dressage horse
  • Yogi Breisner is the World Class Performance Manager to the British Eventing team
  • Kauto Star is also the wrong “type” of horse with breeding, build and conformation that is fantastic for the race track but not for the highest level of dressage

I am sure that Kauto Star will have a successful retirement career in dressage at the lower levels in either affiliated or un-affiliated competitons. But the Olympics was always just to gain publicity that ex-racehorses can be re-trained for other disciplines … and Kauto Star has done an excellent job doing this.


Author: Chris Atkin

Chris Atkin is a videographer specialising in high quality equine videos which are typically used to sell your horse, promote your stallion or equine business or as a memento of a big competition. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube and adverts can also be produced for broadcast on specialist equine satellite TV channels. Chris is also an ibd Group accredited Business Adviser for small & medium sized business.

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