Euro Dressage Championship Grand Prix Special: Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro win

Congratulations to Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro who produced another stunning test to win the Grand Prix Special at the European Championships in Denmark. This is an individual competition rather than the team competition yesterday where Charlotte and Valegro got a new world record score. You can watch this test and look at the judges marks for each movement.

I have not been able to watch the Grand Prix Special test yet but you can have a look at the score sheet for all judges to see that it was another stunning test scoring a number of 10s. If I find a video of the test I will post it on this website.

The top 15 are displayed in the table below. For interest I have shown the difference with the Grand Prix Special score from The Olympics. Most riders have ascored higher than their Grand Prix Special score at The Olympics. Only two riders scored was worse than at The Olympics

  • Carl Hester and Uthopia – Uthopia has been competed by Charlotte Dujardin in the early part of 2013. I believe that Carl has only been riding Uthopia again for about 6 weeks.
  • Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival – Parzival had a break from training earlier this year due to an arrhythmia
CountryRider (Horse)ScoreDifference to OlympicsResult
GBRCharlotte Dujardin (Valegro)85.699%+2.4%1st
GERHelen Langehanenberg (Damon Hill NRW)84.330%+5.4%2nd
NEDAdelinde Cornelissen (Jerich Parzival)81.548%-0.4%3rd
NEDEdward Gal (Glock´s Undercover)79.479%+4.0%4th
GERKristina Sprehe (Desperados FRH)79.345%+3.1%5th
GBRCarl Hester (Uthopia)78.497%-2.1%6th
DENAnna Kasprzak (Donnperignon)76.682%+2.9%7th
SWETinne Vilhelmson-Silfven (Don Auriello)76.220%+2.2%8th
GERFabienne Lütkemeier (D´Agostino 5)75.818%9th
AUTVictoria Max-Theurer (Augustin OLD)75.119%1.5%10th
DENNathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (Digby)73.735%+2.0%11th
NEDDanielle Heijkoop (Kingsley Siro)73.274%12th
NEDHans Peter Minderhoud (Glock´s Romanov)73.244%13th
GBRMichael Eilberg (Half Moon Delphi)72.857%14th
SWEMinna Telde (Santana)72.574%+0.3%15th