Nov 012013

B&W Equine Vets recently ran an Equine First Aid evening which they agreed to let me video. The evening included three presentations:

(1) Anatomy of Your Horse’s Legs

(2) Examine Your Horse

(3) Wound Management

As a horse owner I found the presentations very informative and will definitely be useful if (when !?!) my horse suffers an injury. Even though I have been around horses for several decades I learnt a lot and I would recommend that all horse owners, experienced and inexperienced, watch the series of 3 videos on this website. The first two, Anatomy of Your Horse’s Legs and Examine Your Horse, have already been published and this is the final video of the series.

Video 3: Wound Management by Sarah Hayes MRCVS

Sarah explains how equine skin repairs itself following an injury and how it varies on different parts of the horses body.

  • Do you know what epitheliasation is?
  • Do you know why skin recovers faster on the body than the legs?

if you dont you should watch the video

Click on Healing in the index at the start of the video to jump directly to the answer to these questions or to the part of the video that interests you.

Sarah also explains how to treat & bandage injuries with some useful demonstrations and advice for those difficult to bandage places. Again this is all in the index so you can jump directly to the part of the video that interests you.

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I would like to thank B&W Equine Vets for letting me video their First Aid Evening.


Author: Chris Atkin

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