Horse video Clips

How To Clip Your Horse with Hazel Pain

Learn how to give your horse a hunter clip by watching the video.

quailgirl818 comments on YouTube on the Hunter Clip video: “Thank you for this video, it was so helpful. Most videos have sort of glossed over how to clip at the sheath and most don’t detail the head quite as well.

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This is the most popular video in a set of 4 clipping videos:

  1. Trace Clip two variations of this clip are shown for horses in light to medium work.
  2. Hunter Clip for horses in hard work.
  3. Blanket Clip for horses in medium to hard work.
  4. Preparing for clipping shows how to prepare your clippers and your horse before you start clipping.

I would like to thank Hazel and Simon Pain of Billow Farm Livery for sponsoring these videos and their assistance in making the videos.