My Horses

Royal Rasputin (Razz)

Razz was the first horse I went to see . I liked the way he moved and his friendly personality so despite only looking at one other horse I bought him. Razz had not done any competitions but he had been well schooled. Razz is successful at dressage with his best result 3rd at the at Prelim level. Razz is now competing at Elementary level and has qualified for the at Novice Restricted.

Major Impulse (Magnet)

I wanted to get back into following a car accident. Magnet was a show jumper with no cross country experience. However, after a year he was jumping clear cross country within the time at British Eventing level.

Gaston de Launay (Gus)

I only had Gus for about a year. He was extremely sharp but unfortunately experience showed that he was not suitable for eventing.

Mercia Francesca (Frankie)

Initially I only planned to hack Frankie but she was an experienced hunter and I started to compete in unaffiliated one day events and hunter trials and eventually in affiliated British Eventing competitions at level. Her dressage always let her down but cross country was extremely good.

Chinook Seagull (Chiggy)

Unfortunately I cannot find any pictures of Chiggy. He was a 14.2 grey pony.


Billy was a 13.2 welsh mountain pony with a . I remember him as being a reliable jumper but not fast !

The Area Championship gives amateur, grass roots, riders the opportunity to compete in true championship conditions.
The Regionals are competitions that you have to qualify for by meeting the qualification criteria in local dressage competitions. The qualification criteria changes but at this time the criteria was based on a number of wins with a score above a defined threshold.
Eventing includes Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country which, at the level I compete at, are all done on the same day
When I was competing Magnet, Pre-Novice was the second level in British Eventing. From memory, jumps were a maximum of 3’8″ with a spread of 3’6″.
When I was competing Frankie, Pre-Novice was the first level in British Eventing. From memory, jumps were a maximum of 3’8″ with a spread of 3’6″.
An equine wall eye does not have pigment and is blue. Horses eyes are normally brown. The lack of pigment does not affect vision.