Going home with an empty trailer

Magnet was injured on a and despite an operation, physio, box rest and just being turned out he was getting no better – in fact he was getting more lame in the field. My vet was not giving me a positive prognosis. My physio looked at him but said he would not take money for treating him because there was nothing he could do for him. I made a very difficult decision and phoned the vet to book him in to be put down. This was not an easy decision and not a decision I came to over night.

My plan was to take Magnet to the vet before work and go to work because work would distract me and stop me from thinking about him. I took Magnet to the vets and signed the paperwork. I then had to manoeuvre the car and trailer out of the car park and every time I looked in the mirror to reverse all I could just see was Magnet looking at me – ears forward. This was so hard … much much harder than I was expecting and I broke down. I took the trailer back to the yard and went home. There was no way I could go to work. Home was quiet so all I did was think about Magnet so this was not really ideal either.

Over the next few weeks I thought about why I thought I had the power of life and death over another animal, I considered what if more time had allowed him to recover. Now that this is a few years behind me I do believe I did the right thing. Magnet was lame and getting lamer – he was in pain. He was getting more lame just being turned out in a field. However, it was not easy and I still feel emotional about it looking back at it.

I did all this without involving the insurance company. I felt that I had to make this decision without money being a factor. The insurance company would not therefore, as I expected, payout for “loss of animal”. In fact the decision therefore cost me several £thousand.

I realise that some people will totally disagree with my decision. I respect that. However, for anybody who is in the unfortunate position of making a similar decision the my recommendation:

  • Talks to vets, physios or other qualified people to get the full medical prognosis to allow you to make your decision armed with all the facts
  • After you have made the decision you will go over and over it again and again – what if you made the wrong decision. But you made the decision with all the appropriate medical information so it was the right decision and looking back on it after a few weeks/months you will know that you came to the right decision.
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  • 28th March 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Chris, Jo and I know EXACTLY where you are coming from.


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