Royal Rasputin (Razz)

I considered getting another after Magnet but I decided that it would actually be sensible to focus exclusively on dressage. I had proved that I could do still do One Day Events following my car accident but I was becoming very conscious of the risks associated with the sport and mentally and physically I did not want another major injury.

Razz at the first trial

I therefore decided to buy a dressage horse. So I started looking for a horse with impressive paces and the wow factor. To my amazement Razz was the first horse I went to see. I saw one other horse and realised that I had to make an offer on Razz – quickly before somebody else got him !

Dressage is much more challenging than I initially realised and I do not miss the cross country … well OK maybe just a little bit !!!

Razz has fantastic paces, especially trot, and has been successful at the lower levels of dressage with 3rd in the Prelim Area Championships at Hartpury 2008. He has qualified for the Regionals at Novice Restricted level 3 times. Elementary is proving more challenging but the problems could be more due to me than Razz.

Eventers need to be bold to jump cross country jumps, accurate to do show jumping and gymnastic to do dressage.