Area Championships 2008

Razz and I competed in the PetPlan Area Festival at Burrows Court on 28th July 2007. Razz scored 67.5% and came 6th. We did not qualify for the Area Championship automatically but later we were allocated a entry.

The is part of BD National Championships and was held at Hartpury 20th April 2008. The Area Prelim class had about 60 entries and was a competition. My target was to get through to the second round. In the first round we came 4th so we had met my target – in fact we had exceeded my target πŸ™‚ The judge at C for the second round in the afternoon was so I was a bit nervous when I went past C the first time! The video shows the second and final championship round…

I went to check the scores afterwards and I could not believe it Razz had scored 71.36% and was in the lead ! I nervously checked the scoreboard every few minutes. When all the scores came in Razz was 3rd. Fantastic πŸ™‚

Wild card entries are allocated to competitors with the highest scores in the Area Festivals who did not automatically qualify in order to ensure that the Championship class has the right number of competitors.
The Area Championship gives amateur, grass roots, riders the opportunity to compete in true championship conditions.
The first round had two clases with 30 competitors in each class. The top 15 from each class go through to the second round, the Championship Final, which would therefore have 30 competitors.
Jennie Loristan-Clarke has won individual bronze at the 1978 World Equestrian Games, competed in five Olympics, is an FEI international judge and is the Chairman of British Dressage.

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